Unbeateable Features

We are the creators of the first Alarm for the Deaf that connects with your Smartphone. Say goodbye to huge and showy alarm clocks !!!

Powerful Vibrator

Small, portable and very powerful vibrator that will not let you fall asleep.

Turns on your night light

Turns on your night light or a floor lamp. It can vibrate and turn on the light at the same time; or, separately, any option!.

USB Connection

The USB connection allows you to power your Alarm Clock from a PC, Notebook, Power Bank or any Cell Phone Charger with female USB output.

Runs on Batteries (Power Bank)

Being USB, it allows its power from a Power Bank (we recommend one higher than 8,000 mAh), and thus, not rely on electricity for some nights.

WIFI Communication

Being WIFI has a lot more reach than Bluetooth devices. Your Smartphone can be in another room and continue to command the Alarm Clock without problems.

Android Application

It works with an app that is downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Built with Free Software and Hardware

Our Alarm System is entirely designed with Free Hardware and Software. So that the whole world can develop it.

Not available for IPhone

Due to limitations of the IPhone Notification System, our Application does not work on Apple's devices.

100% FREE PRODUCT FOR ALL HUMANITY (Free as in Freedom)

Our Alarm System can be built by anyone who has some knowledge of Software and Electronics; such as, for example, a high school student from a technical school. We think that "knowledge" must be shared with all the world; since, in this way, the whole community benefits (people with low resources, students, etc.). Sharing, we all win!!!
We are still working on the translation from Spanish to English. But you can access the Spanish Tutorial!!!


Licencia Creative Commons
Our product is under Creative Commons Licence Atribución-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional.

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